JP Rankin "The Cartoon Cowboy" 2012 AWA Cartoonist of the Year CCi Member
halfway between Comfort and Welfare

Bio: MEMBER and Vice President of Cowboy Cartoonists International and 2012 AWA Cartoonist of the Year. Justice of the Peace - Law West of The Block Creek - Proprietor of The Cartoon Saloon - Purveyor of Cartoons - Collector of the Unimaginable - Transcendenatal Time Traveler If a dog that works cattle is called a cowdog, would a cow that worked dogs be a dogcow? Just something to think about. If a forward was located in the back of a book would it be called a backward, or would it still be a forward only backwards. Perhaps a backwards forward, which in football would be called a lateral. Now being a forward lateral this would be illegal and would not be allowed. A smart man once told me that if I couldn't do anything right I shouldn't do it at all, so basically for the better part of my life that's what I've been doing, Nothing. A particular artist person who actually painted and did what folks consider real art once asked me what medium I preferred to work in. Now not being an educated and well cultured artist person, I proudly replied that I did not prefer working in medium at all, I much preferred working in slow rather than medium.

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  1. Mark Winters says:

    I just came across your website. Thanks for making me laugh heartily.


  2. Sam L'Huillier says:

    Just found this site cool love it . may bump into you some day , now also half way between Comfort and Welfare .


  3. Bryce Reece says:

    Hi JP

    Do you do commission work for like development of company logos? If so, Id really like to visit with you about doing one for us—-


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