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I went and had a breakfast taco with “Slim” from the Zia Cowtoon Co. this morning at Los Jarros Mexican Restaurant in one of the suburbs outside of Comfort, Texas …

if you are not familiar with his cartoons go check ’em out and give him a Like on Facebook …


Sante Fe Junction - San Angelo, Texas

Did this one for the owner of “The Sante Fe Junction” in San Angelo in 1996 …

Stopped in their once on my way to Lubbock with my running buddy Randy Hoofard

It was us and 3 other people …

Not one of my better pieces …

Quick Sketch - The Cowboy Poet

One Heck Uv A View

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Black and White

One Heck Uv A View

One that I did in ’98 … not a typical type of cartoon for me.

Don’t remember what i did it for?

Buster and Betty

Buster (Loss) Rankin and Betty (Page) Rankin

This is a photo of my Great Uncle and Aunt that was taken at the Page family home in Center Point, Texas . The home is located on Bluebonnet lane and is still their today.

They retired from San Antonio and lived here until their passing.

“Buster and Aunt Vera”

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Buster and Vera …

This was my Uncle Buster (Loss Rankin) and my Aunt Vera (married to Duney Rankin).

I believe this was a rare photo of Aunt Vera in a dress as the whole time I knew her I never saw her in anything but boots, khaki pants and a man’s work shirt.

Vera and Duney ran sheep and goats around Rocksprings and Leakey, Texas.

In their later years they remodeled old houses around the Kerrville, Texas area.

“The Rankins”

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Photos

Here is a photo of 4 of my Great Uncles and my Great Grandparents … not sure what year this is …

Left to Right …

Hal Rankin, JB Rankin (grandfather) Great Grandpa and Grandma Rankin, Loss (Buster) Rankin and Walter (Duney) Rankin …

This is one that I did in 1998 with a trick roping twist!

One of my favorite cartoonist is R. C. Harvey , I was introduced to his work by a fellow cartoonist, Daryl Talbot many years ago …

I remember being very excited when I received his book via USPS because he had taken the time to personalize it and had even included some photocopies of a cartoonist by the name of Dick Sebald.

Dick Sebald drew a cartoon character named “Balin’ Wire Bill” and the name of the cartoon strip was “Sage, Sand & Salt”.

I would be curious to know if any of you fine folks out there in Internet land remember “Balin’ Wire Bill”.

This was the original pen and ink illustration that appeared in the April 2001 issue of Western Horseman.

This was an illustration that The Cartoon Cowboy did for Western Horseman in 2000 for “On The Edge of Common Sense”, an article written by Baxter Black that still appears in the magazine.

Texas Whitetail Deer

Here’s my latest one off the drawing board w/ a splash of color … and it is “for sale” …

“A big old whitetail from Mason County”

Texas Whitetail Buck
9″ x 12″ – Pen/Ink & Watercolor
Original – $300.00


This is a 11″ x 14″ hand colored (watercolor) print of a cartoon I did of Barney, the purple dinosaur … he was a favorite of my oldest daughter and I could only take so much of him and his barrage of happy songs …

This hand colored print is available for $75.00 plus shipping …

Send me an email if interested to

“Aunt Vera”

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… so in an earlier post I mentioned my Great Aunt Vera who ranched around Real and Edwards County, Texas …

This is her … she was a ring-tailed tooter!

2013 - The IRS

So this wraps up and 18 year span of cartoons …

I hope everyone enjoyed the historical look back

… and Happy New Year!