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Original Available For Sale – $750 / Barnwood Frame – email – – for details

Well, our cartoon art gallery on the side of 473, at The Cartoon Saloon is open for business. Still have a few things to finish, but the cartoons are hanging.


“The Stars at Night are Big and Bright”

16″ x 20″ Canvas Print


16″x 20″ Canvas Print – Lone Star Beer

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright


Lone Star Inspiration - WIP

Here is a close up of the four newest JP Rankin – The Cartoon Cowboy’s greeting cards presented by


With Age Comes Wisdom Cropped ColorWhere Does It Hurt - Color REV 1Second Language Cropped ColorEndangered Species Color CROPPED

The Cartoon Cowboy is pleased to announce the arrival of his newest greeting cards presented by Leanin’ Tree cards … you can find them at

or wherever Leanin’ Tree cards are sold … such as Tractor Supply

Leanin Tree

Pearls Cafe (1)

The story goes … I might not be rich, … but after 7 whisky drinks it ain’t gonna matter a tinker’s damn anyhow!



… one I did on a beer box flap for my friends Gwen and Corne from The Cocky Rooster Bar!


One from a few weeks ago @ The Menger Bar in ol’ San Antone … across the alley from The Alamo!


The first cassette tapes I ever bought were Merle Haggard from Columbia Records and Tapes.

I have put lots of quarters in jukeboxes across these United States over the years in honky tonks, beer joints and dives.

I can say that I have probably played more Merle Haggard tunes than any other artist.

I have been thinking about what The Cartoon Cowboy would draw as a memorial to Merle.

So here it is. (Please feel free to Share)

R.I.P. Merle !

Merle Haggard

I had the “honor” of seeing someone tonight that I have not seen since probably 1997 or 1998. This person gave me some of the best advice about my cartoons that anyone could have. She was honest and abrupt and for that I appreciate that advice more than anything.

I consider Ace Reid to be the Greatest Cowboy Cartoonist that ever was, and although there have been other great ones and there are some really good ones now, Ace was and is the measuring stick by which we are all measured.

If Ace Reid was the Greatest Cowboy Cartoonist then I consider Madge Reid to be The First Lady of Cowboy Cartoonists.

She told me almost 20 years ago when she first saw my cartoons that I needed to be myself, and that I needed to find my own “niche” … at the time I didn’t understand that comment, and it took me quite a few more years until I did.

I believe that I have found my “niche” and I attribute a large amount of that to Madge Reid.

As I said I had the “honor” of seeing her again tonight at The Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, Texas where she spoke about Ace and his cartoons.

Thank you Madge Reid,

JP Rankin


JP and Madge Reid