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Original Available For Sale – $750 / Barnwood Frame – email – – for details


“The Stars at Night are Big and Bright”

16″ x 20″ Canvas Print


16″x 20″ Canvas Print – Lone Star Beer

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright


Lone Star Inspiration - WIP

… one I did on a beer box flap for my friends Gwen and Corne from The Cocky Rooster Bar!


IMG_9773 IMG_9804 IMG_9831 IMG_9837

Rick McCumber once told me that the definition of confidence was …

An Accordion Player with a Pager

A Few More Drinks


… last year in 2013, my youngest daughter Ammeke and myself began decorating The Lone Star Beer Christmas Tree … so this year we made a page on Facebook for it (why wouldn’t we) … give us a “LIKE” if you don’t mind and if you are traveling between Comfort, Texas and Sisterdale, Texas stop and take a photo and post it on our page. THANKS, THANKS A LOT !

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Snake Farm - It's A Reptile House

You never really know where your inspiration will come from …. and if you drink to many Lone Star Beers … well … you won’t remember it either!


On a table at Luckenbach, Texas

A quick “sharpie” sketch I did on the table at Luckenbach last Sunday …

Look for it next time your there and take a picture of it for me!

“God Bless Hondo Crouch” — at Luckenbach Bar.

LONE STAR BEER served here ....

Welcome to Mason County

… spent a few hours in Mason County today.

Took time to have a LONE STAR BEER and to capture a gratuitous “selfie” along the way.

“Click Here” and check out – Owen Temple at The Cartoon Saloon

We had a real special guest that dropped in at The Cartoon Saloon yesterday and sang a couple of songs and drank a Lone Star Tallboy with The Cartoon Cowboy.


This was a 2007 New Years Cartoon that was inspired by a relative of mine that has now passed on to wherever it is that dead relatives go (see: Hell, California or Louisiana cartoon).

She did fear for my eternal soul and thought that I would go straight to Hell due to the fact that she once saw me wearing a t-shirt that displayed the National Beer of Texas, “LONE STAR BEER”

… and if The Easter Bunny looks angry … well so would you if you had to SHIT colored eggs in a basket for 73 million kids!

… there are also some of my long time compadres that have made an appearance in this particular cartoon!