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The story goes … I might not be rich, … but after 7 whisky drinks it ain’t gonna matter a tinker’s damn anyhow!


… one I did on a beer box flap for my friends Gwen and Corne from The Cocky Rooster Bar!


One from a few weeks ago @ The Menger Bar in ol’ San Antone … across the alley from The Alamo!


Christmas in Comfort happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving and has been happening for a long time … the downtown streets of Comfort, Texas are closed off and the place is full up with street vendors peddlin’ their crafts, wares and food followed by one of the largest nightime Christmas parades around.

The Cartoon Cowboy has made an effort to participate in the festivities (Lone Star Beer) every chance he gets.

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s event.

Christmas in Comfort 2014

The Cartoon Cowboy and XMAS Elves

“The Cartoon Cowboy” with Christmas Elves – Steve and Karen

JP and Machete

… not sure, but this might have been “Machete”

… if you don’t get excited about street peddlers then you need to check your “fun thermometer” … 

JP and Rudolph

“MACHETE” … the street peddler did manage to wrangle a $10.00 bill from me for the purchase of this fine Rudolph hat … well worth the money …

… and “YES” … we can drink beer in the streets !


This is Texas !

JP and Janni - 11.29.14

“THE CARTOON COWBOY and his oldest daughter, JANNI”

Me and Janni Cropped

… and another one

The Cartoon Cowboy and Rudolph at The Rooster

… took a few minutes to relax at THE BEST BAR IN THE WORLD …


… before the start of the Christmas in Comfort Parade

Christmas Cowboy

… winding down the evening festivities

… if you are going to start something you might as well finish it!

Quittin After One w TEXT

” …if The Cocky Rooster Bar would have been in Dodge City…
Marshall Dillon would have drank beer there … ”

… if you are ever heading South on Hwy 87 through Comfort, Texas … hang a left and visit Wendy and Daniel at The Cocky Rooster Bar

I went and had a breakfast taco with “Slim” from the Zia Cowtoon Co. this morning at Los Jarros Mexican Restaurant in one of the suburbs outside of Comfort, Texas …

if you are not familiar with his cartoons go check ’em out and give him a Like on Facebook …


2006 – This one I did for the cover of one of my books …

To the best of my knowledge I have never ridden my bicycle home from The Cocky Rooster Bar …

That is because I DO NOT not own a bicycle …

But I may have ridden someone else’s bicycle home because I just discovered that my barn is full of bicycles and I don’t have a clue as to where they came from …