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I had the “honor” of seeing someone tonight that I have not seen since probably 1997 or 1998. This person gave me some of the best advice about my cartoons that anyone could have. She was honest and abrupt and for that I appreciate that advice more than anything.

I consider Ace Reid to be the Greatest Cowboy Cartoonist that ever was, and although there have been other great ones and there are some really good ones now, Ace was and is the measuring stick by which we are all measured.

If Ace Reid was the Greatest Cowboy Cartoonist then I consider Madge Reid to be The First Lady of Cowboy Cartoonists.

She told me almost 20 years ago when she first saw my cartoons that I needed to be myself, and that I needed to find my own “niche” … at the time I didn’t understand that comment, and it took me quite a few more years until I did.

I believe that I have found my “niche” and I attribute a large amount of that to Madge Reid.

As I said I had the “honor” of seeing her again tonight at The Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, Texas where she spoke about Ace and his cartoons.

Thank you Madge Reid,

JP Rankin


JP and Madge Reid

Welcome to 2016 … This is my first official piece of artwork for the new year.
The Cartoon Cowboy is looking forward to great things and fun times in 2016 !


This is one I started back in 2004 and never completed it …

I’m done now !

Three Aces Black and White


So The Cartoon Cowboy was out and about the Texas Hill Country this AM and ran across this fellow at the Mini-Mart …

Rattlesnake they call him and he is running for President in 2016.

You can check him out here if you want to ……/2013-12-…/dont-call-me-sir/

…. The Cartoon Cowboy stopped in at the RIO BRAVO Trading Post, didn’t see John Wayne or Dean Martin

Rio Bravo Trading Post

This is one I did of a buddy of mine from Maypearl, Texas a few weeks back.

Just got around to posting it.

The Cobbler




Had an unexpected visit of Friday from cowboy artist and spinner of tall tales Rick McCumber from Georgewest, Texas on his way to do famous people stuff in Fredericksburg, Texas.

He dropped off some oddities and curios for The Cartoon Saloon.

Cartoon Saloon



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… so I stopped in at The Cocky Rooster Bar last evening to watch some college football and ran across this kind fellow that goes by the name MaCleod …

I was obliged to draw a cartoon for him … was a pleasure visiting with you Sir!

MaCleod at The Cocky Rooster Bar

The Four Pigmen of the Apocalypse

I may have posted this one before …

From left to Right

JP Rankin – The Cartoon Cowboy

Rick McCumber – Cowboy Artist

Sky Shivers – Storyteller and a sundry of other things

Miss Kitty – Performer and

Jeff Gore – Cowboy Singer and Minister of the Gospel

It would be accurate to say that I am a fan of the eccentric and odd, and as I sometimes travel across this country of ours I am attracted to these things ….

Such as “Jackie Bibby – The Texas Snake Man” in Rising Star, Texas

Check out his website –

Captain Lee Williamson - First Sheriff of Kerr County, Texas

This was my Great, Great Grandfather on my Father’s side of the family

Captain Lee Williamson
1st Sheriff of Kerr County, Texas
from 1856-1859

He died in downtown Kerrville, Texas in 1911 at the site of the old post office when he dropped dead of a heart attack.

… in 2000 while exhibiting in “Bud City” at The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo we ran across a fellow by the name of Dave Peeks …

He made leather moccasins and one night was approached by a couple of gals who wanted him to make a set of leather bikinis …

The rest they say is history … have not seen Dave since 2000.

Bill Stevens - Cowboy Artist and Cartoonist - Bandera, Texas

This is a cartoon that was given to me by a friend and fellow cartoonist from Bandera, Texas, Bill Stevens.

Bill has done a cartoon series called, “The Bull Pen,” which is featured in CALF News Magazine.

Here is a caricature that I did of my friend and “World Famous Cowboy Singer” Jeff Gore.

… and yes his mustache really is that big!

I went and had a breakfast taco with “Slim” from the Zia Cowtoon Co. this morning at Los Jarros Mexican Restaurant in one of the suburbs outside of Comfort, Texas …

if you are not familiar with his cartoons go check ’em out and give him a Like on Facebook …