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The Four Pigmen of the Apocalypse

I may have posted this one before …

From left to Right

JP Rankin – The Cartoon Cowboy

Rick McCumber – Cowboy Artist

Sky Shivers – Storyteller and a sundry of other things

Miss Kitty – Performer and

Jeff Gore – Cowboy Singer and Minister of the Gospel

Here is a caricature that I did of my friend and “World Famous Cowboy Singer” Jeff Gore.

… and yes his mustache really is that big!

in 2001 ... The Four Pigmen and Same Crap, Different Day

… and from 2001

This was a fun year and was also the year that Sam (wife) and I got invited the “The Texas Inaugural” in Crawford, Texas and had the opportunity to meet President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush … also got to meet Ted Nugent that evening as well …

So a bunch of us put together a basket of items and presented them to President Bush that evening … this was the cartoon that The Cartoon Cowboy gave to him … probably all boxed up in a warehouse somewhere? Like you see in the movies.

This was also the year that produced “GOAT RIDERS in the SKY”, but you may not be aware of it’s counterpart …

“THE FOUR PIGMEN of the APOCALYPSE” … a cartoon also inspired by Cowboy Artist, Rick McCumber …

… appearing in “THE FOUR PIGMEN”, left to right …

1. JP Rankin “The Cartoon Cowboy”
2. The Rick McCumber
3. Sky Shivers appearing with “Miss Kitty”
4. Jeff Gore

On a side note this is the same cartoon that was stolen by “Bill Miller’s BBQ in San Antonio” and used on a t-shirt.

They had some hack of an artist render their version of the “FOUR PIGMEN” and then put it in a t-shirt.

Needless to say – Bill Miller’s never returned my phone calls.

… and the year 2000

This was the first year that I did The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and was fortunate to meet a lot of fine artists, entertainers and all around good people.

A.W. Erwin had vacated his spot at San Antonio that year and was kind enough to put in a good word for me and I took over his spot that year …

I had also met Jeff Gore, Jean Prescott and Buck Reams, some fine guitar pickers …

… funny where inspiration comes from sometimes.

This is also I believe the debut appearance of The Pic-A-Dillos.