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… last year in 2013, my youngest daughter Ammeke and myself began decorating The Lone Star Beer Christmas Tree … so this year we made a page on Facebook for it (why wouldn’t we) … give us a “LIKE” if you don’t mind and if you are traveling between Comfort, Texas and Sisterdale, Texas stop and take a photo and post it on our page. THANKS, THANKS A LOT !

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If your'e gonna be a bear


… I’ve never been big on creating graffiti, but I will sketch as few ‘toons if the opportunity arises …

This is an old abandoned motor court between Comstock and Langtry, Texas.

I can’t ever drive by this place without stopping.

Ancient Wall Art along the way

Old Motor Court


Posted: November 16, 2014 in Photos

I have had this hanging on the wall of “THE CARTOON SALOON” for many years.

Don’t remember how I cam by it, but it is purty accurate for sure.

PS: If you are not familiar with the word “Purty” than you damn sure ain’t from my part of the country.

A Cartoonist

Posted: September 7, 2014 in Famous People, Photos

… so I stopped in at The Cocky Rooster Bar last evening to watch some college football and ran across this kind fellow that goes by the name MaCleod …

I was obliged to draw a cartoon for him … was a pleasure visiting with you Sir!

MaCleod at The Cocky Rooster Bar

… for any of you out there that have ever questioned the “quality” or the “validity” of “PEARL BEER in a can”

This photo should remove all doubts.

This photo taken by The Cartoon Cowboy captured a “halo” encircling a Pearl Beer can proving that ….

… PEARL BEER in a can tastes “heavenly”



This was a 1974 Cadillac and my mode of transportation in 1983!

The driver side door was candy apple red so I always carried a spray can full of “white krylon” paint …

Everytime I went through the car wash the paint came off!

Rankin Family History

This is a photo of my Dad, Robert “Bob” Rankin that was taken somewhere around 1947-48 …

He rode this motorcycle up the fire escape slide at the old Tivy High School – which is now Peterson Middle School.

Seemed like a good plan until he had to come down backwards and it didn’t end well.

My Grandpa picked gravel out of his elbows with a pair of needle nose pliers …

from left to right in the photo –

My Grandfather JB Rankin, Aunt Alyne (Rankin) Harvill, Grandmother (Mama Pearl), Robert “Bob” Rankin, Uncle Stanley Rankin and Aunt, Betty Jean (Rankin) Tracy

Captain Lee Williamson - First Sheriff of Kerr County, Texas

This was my Great, Great Grandfather on my Father’s side of the family

Captain Lee Williamson
1st Sheriff of Kerr County, Texas
from 1856-1859

He died in downtown Kerrville, Texas in 1911 at the site of the old post office when he dropped dead of a heart attack.

Buster and Betty

Buster (Loss) Rankin and Betty (Page) Rankin

This is a photo of my Great Uncle and Aunt that was taken at the Page family home in Center Point, Texas . The home is located on Bluebonnet lane and is still their today.

They retired from San Antonio and lived here until their passing.

“Buster and Aunt Vera”

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Photos
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Buster and Vera …

This was my Uncle Buster (Loss Rankin) and my Aunt Vera (married to Duney Rankin).

I believe this was a rare photo of Aunt Vera in a dress as the whole time I knew her I never saw her in anything but boots, khaki pants and a man’s work shirt.

Vera and Duney ran sheep and goats around Rocksprings and Leakey, Texas.

In their later years they remodeled old houses around the Kerrville, Texas area.

“The Rankins”

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Photos

Here is a photo of 4 of my Great Uncles and my Great Grandparents … not sure what year this is …

Left to Right …

Hal Rankin, JB Rankin (grandfather) Great Grandpa and Grandma Rankin, Loss (Buster) Rankin and Walter (Duney) Rankin …

... because jacks are for sissies!

One of my good friends sent me this photo today so I was obliged to add the caption.

… and to all a Good Night!

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Photos

... and to all a Good Night!

... added to the Lone Star Christmas Tree display!

… if you happen to be driving down HWY 473 between Sisterdale and Comfort, Texas … keep an eye out for The Lone Star Christmas Tree.

… if you see it, STOP … take a picture and send it to me … I will post it!

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