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Dogs In Heaven

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Good Judgement

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The story goes … I might not be rich, … but after 7 whisky drinks it ain’t gonna matter a tinker’s damn anyhow!


… besides Ace Reid and Lex Graham, one of the first Cowboy Cartoonists that I was exposed to was Bud McCaulley.

This book was given to me as a gift in 1996 by a client of mine.

It was lost for a period of time during a move that I had made, and it wasn’t until just recently that I discovered it again.  Unfortunately it is a little “worse for the wear”, but no worries.

Bud McCaulley has always been a favorite of mine, and will continue to be.

There are a lot of opinions about Charles M. Russell and Frederic Remington as artists.  I have admiration for the both of them as they each had unique styles.
I came across these “first day covers” and “stamps” a few years ago.  I had misplaced them and several other items for quite a number of years.
I recently found these items and thought I would share.

Remington 1st Day Coverremington stampsRemingtonRussell 1st Day Cover


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Winning !

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I received via the big, brown UPS today a very prized possession!

A unique name badge crafted by the one and only Rick McCumber!

Thanks Rick and Cindy!



In Spite of Ourselves!

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… one I did on a beer box flap for my friends Gwen and Corne from The Cocky Rooster Bar!


One from a few weeks ago @ The Menger Bar in ol’ San Antone … across the alley from The Alamo!



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