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From 1999 … MORE TO LOVE ….

… had a Great Aunt Vera and Great Uncle Duney who ran Angora in Real and Edwards county many years ago and while this cartoon was not drawn to represent them it did later remind me of them.

… never saw Vera wear anything but boots, men’s khaki pants and men’s shirts … and she was tough.

John Wayne used one of Duney’s horses in the movie “The Alamo” and later offered to buy it from, but Duney wouldn’t sale … a few weeks later the horse died from some rat poison that had got into the feed bag at the feed store…

Duney was also a tad superstitious … if he saw a black cat on the way to work he would turn around and go home … course some folks may call that lazy?

John Wayne in TRUE GRIT as Rooster Cogburn


This is one I did in 2003 and is a favorite of mine

HELL OR CALIFORNIA ... sometimes Louisiana!

Over the years I have spent some time in all three places and prefer the fiery pits of Hades over the other two choices …

… stole the name of the bar from a Tom Russell song!