Things Are Tight This Year Color with Background

Draft Horses COLOR Background

No Place Like Home Color

666 Bull for no good reason


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Rooster Chick in Color

SPIT CUP in Color


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Heavy Drinker in Color


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Electric Cowboy

The Muse

Cartoon Cowboy at The Pecos High Bridge

Exotic Hunting - Hunting Exotics

… working man

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Fight Over Work

.... sketches from Comfort Little Theater

… here’s one from the other night @ Comfort Little Theater

Snake Farm - It's A Reptile House

You never really know where your inspiration will come from …. and if you drink to many Lone Star Beers … well … you won’t remember it either!


On a table at Luckenbach, Texas

A quick “sharpie” sketch I did on the table at Luckenbach last Sunday …

Look for it next time your there and take a picture of it for me!

“God Bless Hondo Crouch” — at Luckenbach Bar.