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.... so .... your saying we might have a chance?

If you always looks at the glass as half full … well, you will never run out of whiskey!

As I mentioned I will be moving a lot of things I posted before to this new blog. So if you followed my old blog at you might be seeing some things you have already seen.

Armadillo By Morning is another cartoon that was thought up while at The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo in 2001.

At that time a bunch of us were set up in what they called “Bud City”.

Clifton Jansky was playing “Amarillo By Morning” ….a lot

… and well the cocinero is none other than Chuckwagon Cook, Rusty Rankin …

The rest as they say is history …

... because jacks are for sissies!

One of my good friends sent me this photo today so I was obliged to add the caption.

Here is if I remember correctly the first cartoon that I did for “Pick Up Lines”

I started doing some barroom cartoons that are related to “Pickup Lines” … this is one of ’em

Badges ... we don't need no stinkin' badges!

A favorite line of mine from Humphrey Bogart’s ….

“Treasure of the Sierra Madre”

I did this cartoon in 2000 at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo …

The three Amigos appearing in the cartoon are friends of mine, from left to right Garland Tucker – Leather Tooler, Will Burgess – Saddle Maker and Rick McCumber – Western Artist.

Rick is explaining to Will how Garland can take a $50 calf and turn it into a $250 belt … just like that!

Mel Lothrop - Caricature Artist - one of the Alamo City's finest!

Mel Lothrop is a good friend of mine and fellow Caricature Artist out of San Antonio, Texas ….

For years his calling card has been the “Happy Face” ….

This was a cartoon that I did for him a few Christmas’ back in 2006.

Check out his work at or his blog at

… and if you are ever down in Market Square in San Antonio, Texas get your caricature done by him and you won’t be disappointed … and tell him that you heard about him from The Cartoon Cowboy!

To all my friends that are at the deer lease or who will be at the deer lease …

“May the Trophy Buck cross your path and may you be sober enough to hit it” !

… things are not always what they appear to be.

… and to all a Good Night!

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... and to all a Good Night!

... added to the Lone Star Christmas Tree display!

… if you happen to be driving down HWY 473 between Sisterdale and Comfort, Texas … keep an eye out for The Lone Star Christmas Tree.

… if you see it, STOP … take a picture and send it to me … I will post it!

My e-mail is

... cuz sometimes you gotta shoot Rudolph

Santa - JP - Sam

This is a cartoon that I did in 1998 for a Christmas card.

'Tis the SEASON