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This a cartoon that I did in 2001 at The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

It is a cartoon of a good friend of mine Rick McCumber who is one helluva Silversmith and Western Artist.

Check out his work at ….

Working on adding some color to a cartoon that I did in 2007.

Will update it as it progresses.

Those of you that know me, know that I am somewhat of a humanitarian and all around good person … so naturally when I came upon this Pseudacris triseriata/feriarum who had apparently drowned and most likely alcohol was involved …

… I was compelled to stop and render aid.

Although I did try and resuscitate the creature it was a hopeless endeavor and little frog went on to wherever good frogs go …

… unless he was a bad frog …

… then I guess he would have went to “Frog Hell” ….

… which I imagine would be a shallow pond full of “Great Blue Herons” … and snakes … lots of snakes

“Never Give Up” frog … just like the t-shirt says ….


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… so I went to The Cocky Rooster tonight to watch the Eagles’ stomp a mudhole in my Dallas Cowboys ….

… could not think of a punchline …

oh wait … We are from Texas … I feel better now!


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“The two beers I like best are COLD and FREE”

John Wayne in TRUE GRIT as Rooster Cogburn


This is one I did in 2003 and is a favorite of mine

Mickey and Rockwell

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Mickey and Rockwell

Here are the two self portraits for comparison …

This is one that I did in 2000 after a trip back from Disneyworld with my Wife and Kids.

I did not actually base mine off of Rockwell’s, but rather off of Mickey Mouse’s!

Mine features a few other famous cartoonist A-10 Etcheverry, Wally Badgett, Mad Jack Hanks and Mel Lothrop.

… another one from the cartoon series from 2007

POPEYE would have made one hell of a MMA fighter … jsia

… Strong to the finish!

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To!

… another from my 2007 cartoon character series.

How many times did you see “Bugs Bunny” get pummeled with a baseball bat and still get up and walk away …

… but I guess Bugs was part of “The Greatest Generation”

I have actually always been a very huge fan of Theodor Geisel and greatly admire his work …

I did a few of these cartoons in 2007 where I added popular cartoons of our times into my “Barroom Cartoons”.

…. but I have also always been “Wound Tight” and I would not eat them in a bar…


This was a 2007 New Years Cartoon that was inspired by a relative of mine that has now passed on to wherever it is that dead relatives go (see: Hell, California or Louisiana cartoon).

She did fear for my eternal soul and thought that I would go straight to Hell due to the fact that she once saw me wearing a t-shirt that displayed the National Beer of Texas, “LONE STAR BEER”

… and if The Easter Bunny looks angry … well so would you if you had to SHIT colored eggs in a basket for 73 million kids!

… there are also some of my long time compadres that have made an appearance in this particular cartoon!

Can A Stupid Person Be A Smart Ass?

I can personally attest to the fact that fat people are hard to kidnap …

… and if this cartoon offends you then I suggest that you immediately STOP TRYING TO KIDNAP FAT PEOPLE!

HELL OR CALIFORNIA ... sometimes Louisiana!

Over the years I have spent some time in all three places and prefer the fiery pits of Hades over the other two choices …

… stole the name of the bar from a Tom Russell song!