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A toon that I did in 2013 … added color to it today.

Bad Santa-COLOR

When it’s summer time in Texas

Hot Tub 2015 Final


This one has been setting unfinished for awhile ... Trying  my hand at some color ... Hard to teach and old pen & ink & watercolor guy new tricks ...

This one has been setting unfinished for awhile … Trying
my hand at some color …
Hard to teach and old pen & ink & watercolor guy new tricks …


On my side of the river …

(if this offends you, remember that I am a cartoonist that deals in satire and cynicism. In short it doesn’t really bother me that you are offended)

down the road outside of Langtry, Texas on The Rio Grande

… this is at Eagle’s Nest

MEXICO on the other side.

On my side of the River

The Four Pigmen of the Apocalypse

I may have posted this one before …

From left to Right

JP Rankin – The Cartoon Cowboy

Rick McCumber – Cowboy Artist

Sky Shivers – Storyteller and a sundry of other things

Miss Kitty – Performer and

Jeff Gore – Cowboy Singer and Minister of the Gospel

Well Folks … it’s time once again for The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo so that means the obligatory FOUR PIG MEN of the Apocolypse cartoon …

It’s was “thought up” in 2001 at the rodeo after splitting a bottle of tequila …

This is one I did for a Baxter Black story either for American Cowboy Magazine or Cowboy Sports and Entertainment.

Bill Stevens - Cowboy Artist and Cartoonist - Bandera, Texas

This is a cartoon that was given to me by a friend and fellow cartoonist from Bandera, Texas, Bill Stevens.

Bill has done a cartoon series called, “The Bull Pen,” which is featured in CALF News Magazine.

Texas Whitetail Deer

Here’s my latest one off the drawing board w/ a splash of color … and it is “for sale” …

“A big old whitetail from Mason County”

Texas Whitetail Buck
9″ x 12″ – Pen/Ink & Watercolor
Original – $300.00

in 2001 ... The Four Pigmen and Same Crap, Different Day

… and from 2001

This was a fun year and was also the year that Sam (wife) and I got invited the “The Texas Inaugural” in Crawford, Texas and had the opportunity to meet President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush … also got to meet Ted Nugent that evening as well …

So a bunch of us put together a basket of items and presented them to President Bush that evening … this was the cartoon that The Cartoon Cowboy gave to him … probably all boxed up in a warehouse somewhere? Like you see in the movies.

This was also the year that produced “GOAT RIDERS in the SKY”, but you may not be aware of it’s counterpart …

“THE FOUR PIGMEN of the APOCALYPSE” … a cartoon also inspired by Cowboy Artist, Rick McCumber …

… appearing in “THE FOUR PIGMEN”, left to right …

1. JP Rankin “The Cartoon Cowboy”
2. The Rick McCumber
3. Sky Shivers appearing with “Miss Kitty”
4. Jeff Gore

On a side note this is the same cartoon that was stolen by “Bill Miller’s BBQ in San Antonio” and used on a t-shirt.

They had some hack of an artist render their version of the “FOUR PIGMEN” and then put it in a t-shirt.

Needless to say – Bill Miller’s never returned my phone calls.


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“The two beers I like best are COLD and FREE”

John Wayne in TRUE GRIT as Rooster Cogburn


This is one I did in 2003 and is a favorite of mine

This is one that I did in 2000 after a trip back from Disneyworld with my Wife and Kids.

I did not actually base mine off of Rockwell’s, but rather off of Mickey Mouse’s!

Mine features a few other famous cartoonist A-10 Etcheverry, Wally Badgett, Mad Jack Hanks and Mel Lothrop.

Mel Lothrop - Caricature Artist - one of the Alamo City's finest!

Mel Lothrop is a good friend of mine and fellow Caricature Artist out of San Antonio, Texas ….

For years his calling card has been the “Happy Face” ….

This was a cartoon that I did for him a few Christmas’ back in 2006.

Check out his work at or his blog at

… and if you are ever down in Market Square in San Antonio, Texas get your caricature done by him and you won’t be disappointed … and tell him that you heard about him from The Cartoon Cowboy!