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This one has been setting unfinished for awhile ... Trying  my hand at some color ... Hard to teach and old pen & ink & watercolor guy new tricks ...

This one has been setting unfinished for awhile … Trying
my hand at some color …
Hard to teach and old pen & ink & watercolor guy new tricks …


On my side of the river …

(if this offends you, remember that I am a cartoonist that deals in satire and cynicism. In short it doesn’t really bother me that you are offended)

down the road outside of Langtry, Texas on The Rio Grande

… this is at Eagle’s Nest

MEXICO on the other side.

On my side of the River

The Four Pigmen of the Apocalypse

I may have posted this one before …

From left to Right

JP Rankin – The Cartoon Cowboy

Rick McCumber – Cowboy Artist

Sky Shivers – Storyteller and a sundry of other things

Miss Kitty – Performer and

Jeff Gore – Cowboy Singer and Minister of the Gospel

Well Folks … it’s time once again for The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo so that means the obligatory FOUR PIG MEN of the Apocolypse cartoon …

It’s was “thought up” in 2001 at the rodeo after splitting a bottle of tequila …

This is one I did for a Baxter Black story either for American Cowboy Magazine or Cowboy Sports and Entertainment.

Bill Stevens - Cowboy Artist and Cartoonist - Bandera, Texas

This is a cartoon that was given to me by a friend and fellow cartoonist from Bandera, Texas, Bill Stevens.

Bill has done a cartoon series called, “The Bull Pen,” which is featured in CALF News Magazine.

Texas Whitetail Deer

Here’s my latest one off the drawing board w/ a splash of color … and it is “for sale” …

“A big old whitetail from Mason County”

Texas Whitetail Buck
9″ x 12″ – Pen/Ink & Watercolor
Original – $300.00

in 2001 ... The Four Pigmen and Same Crap, Different Day

… and from 2001

This was a fun year and was also the year that Sam (wife) and I got invited the “The Texas Inaugural” in Crawford, Texas and had the opportunity to meet President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush … also got to meet Ted Nugent that evening as well …

So a bunch of us put together a basket of items and presented them to President Bush that evening … this was the cartoon that The Cartoon Cowboy gave to him … probably all boxed up in a warehouse somewhere? Like you see in the movies.

This was also the year that produced “GOAT RIDERS in the SKY”, but you may not be aware of it’s counterpart …

“THE FOUR PIGMEN of the APOCALYPSE” … a cartoon also inspired by Cowboy Artist, Rick McCumber …

… appearing in “THE FOUR PIGMEN”, left to right …

1. JP Rankin “The Cartoon Cowboy”
2. The Rick McCumber
3. Sky Shivers appearing with “Miss Kitty”
4. Jeff Gore

On a side note this is the same cartoon that was stolen by “Bill Miller’s BBQ in San Antonio” and used on a t-shirt.

They had some hack of an artist render their version of the “FOUR PIGMEN” and then put it in a t-shirt.

Needless to say – Bill Miller’s never returned my phone calls.


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“The two beers I like best are COLD and FREE”

John Wayne in TRUE GRIT as Rooster Cogburn


This is one I did in 2003 and is a favorite of mine

This is one that I did in 2000 after a trip back from Disneyworld with my Wife and Kids.

I did not actually base mine off of Rockwell’s, but rather off of Mickey Mouse’s!

Mine features a few other famous cartoonist A-10 Etcheverry, Wally Badgett, Mad Jack Hanks and Mel Lothrop.

Mel Lothrop - Caricature Artist - one of the Alamo City's finest!

Mel Lothrop is a good friend of mine and fellow Caricature Artist out of San Antonio, Texas ….

For years his calling card has been the “Happy Face” ….

This was a cartoon that I did for him a few Christmas’ back in 2006.

Check out his work at or his blog at

… and if you are ever down in Market Square in San Antonio, Texas get your caricature done by him and you won’t be disappointed … and tell him that you heard about him from The Cartoon Cowboy!

... cuz sometimes you gotta shoot Rudolph

GOAT RIDERS in the Sky

I would have to say this is probably one of my most popular cartoons.

I spent about 16 days in a row at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo with a good friend of mine, Rick McCumber and every day about every two hours “The Arbuckle Boys” would come on stage and sing “Ghost Riders in the Sky”.

After a deluge of this one day Rick said … “hey cardboard cowtoonist I got and idea” … and the rest they say is history.

“GOAT RIDERS in the Sky” was created

Appearing from right to left: JP Rankin, Garland Tucker, Rick McCumber and Will Burgess

… and check out Rick’s website while your at it